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100% italian supply chain

From field to table

The quality of the flour depends directly on the origin of the corn. We have invested heavily in research to find the best Italian seeds, which would allow us to continue creating a product that reflects our ideal of flour excellence. Molino Riva follows each phase closely - from sowing to the packaged product.


For the preparation of its flours, Molino Riva uses seeds coming only from high-quality corn and buckwheat crops, selected by its experts among the best in Northern Italy.


The grains are sent to the Molino Riva plants, where they are subjected to the manufacturing process through the use of the most modern technologies. The grains are ground slowly and transformed into the desired flours, all operations are subjected to strict controls, which allow us to comply with the most rigorous standards of quality and hygiene.


Once ready, the flours are packaged in the various packaging lines provided by Molino Riva.


The finished products are then ready to be sent to consumers: companies active in food processing, large-scale distribution and retail shops.


Molino Riva has always collaborated with partners present in Italy, in Europe and in the world, which allow consumers from many countries to taste our products, a symbol of 100% Italian quality.