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is an art

We have been turning grain into flour since 1890

High-quality raw materials and slow milling together with meticulous care of each processing phase and the use of state-of-the-art technologies for a line of top-quality products, where taste and aroma are the protagonists of healthy, genuine and easily digestible dishes.

We carefully select
our raw materials

All operations are subjected to strict controls, which allow us to comply with the most rigorous standards of quality and hygiene. In this way, Molino Riva has the certainty of obtaining only top-quality flours, capable of keeping the flavours and nutritional properties of corn and buckwheat unaltered.


Respect for the environment

A new 100% recyclable
paper packaging

100% italian corn
supply chain traceability

To obtain the best flours, we carefully select raw materials and meticulously check every phase of production.
We have the quality of our products at heart, that's why we check the selection of seeds from the use of good farming methods in the countryside for a healthy cultivation, to cereal preservation by cold storage, and finally the analyses of raw materials, as well as all the intermediate production phases and end products.

Eating polenta is good
for your health

If you think that yellow gold poured onto a plate is fattening and not an ally of beauty, you should change your mind. As a matter of fact, polenta is so rich in benefits for your skin, silhouette, smile and general well-being that it could actually be considered a superfood.