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Millers by tradition

Molino Riva is a company specialized in the production of corn and buckwheat flour.
Located in Garbagnate Monastero, in the heart of Brianza, very close to Lecco and Milan, it has been a leading brand in the sector for over a century, able to make quality and attention to the customer the hallmark of its corporate philosophy.


Today's Molino Riva is the bearer of a centuries-old tradition in the production of flour. The current owner, Antonio Riva, is the last representative of a family of millers, who has been carrying on this ancient activity with competence and deep passion since 1890.

After having worked at the historic family mill on the Bevera stream in the first part of the twentieth century, the Rivas inaugurated their first cylinder plant in 1930, before moving to the current production complex located in Garbagnate Monastero in Via Provinciale in 1971.

Specialized in the production of corn and buckwheat flour for polenta, Molino Riva has been able to increasingly gain approval over time, so much so that today it can count on a daily production of over 80,000 kilos and have active customers throughout Italy, as well as in different European countries, in the United States, in Brazil, in Turkey and in Israel.

The plant

A new production plant for new performances. The new Molino Riva production plant combines quantity and top quality, thanks to the inauguration of the brand-new milling plant, a state-of-the-art project, which has allowed the company to increase its production capacity up to 80,000 kilos per day, working homogeneous blends of corn to obtain flour of high and constant quality over time.

The plant

An absolute novelty was the introduction of a new customized grinding diagram system made by Buhler - a leading company in the field of mill plants. Thanks to this system, the whole corn grain - even its heart that is normally intended for the production of corn flakes - is slowly ground without stressing and heating the grain, thus leaving the nutritional values unchanged and preserving that authentic taste and flavour "just like it used to be".


Quality first

Always attentive to the satisfaction of our customers and to the quality policy, we are constantly committed to guaranteeing the food safety of our products.
HACCP is a self-control system that aims to monitor the entire food production and distribution chain.
We are certified according to BRC - IFS FOOD - BIO - ISO 22005:2008 standards.


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